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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Best Criminal Lawyers on Closing Arguments

The best criminal lawyers are keenly aware that every step taken and stage in a case is important and can either downgrade or upgrade the end result. The closing argument is no different; it can make or break a case. Expert criminal lawyers know how to deliver, time, and rhythmically give a closing argument to a jury. While closing arguments take great skill and experience, there is an instinctual quality owned by the top criminal lawyers that is undeniable. These criminal lawyers mesmerize the jury and gain their trust. They will even touch the emotional chord of some that will become the leading advocates and passionately persuade other indecisive jury members to rule in the defendant's favor.

The best closing arguments are not made at the end of a case. Expert lawyers will start building the case and closing argument from the very beginning. Top criminal lawyers know that along the way every piece is made to support the closing argument. The closing argument is continually refined to perfection by the criminal lawyers until delivery when they put the icing on the cake to make it delectable and irresistible to the jury.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Criminal Lawyers: Too Many Federal Laws

The best criminal lawyers know the average individual or business man may unknowingly break a federal law without criminal intent. Federal law has coded up to 4,500 crimes, although no one, even the legislators who make the laws, know the exact number. In 2004, federal prosecutors sentenced a 66 year old grandpa to 2 years in prison for not having the appropriate paperwork for flowers, orchids. The grandpa, George Norris, pled guilty after running out of money to pay criminal lawyers to represent him in the federal case.

Federal law is so vast that there are some criminal lawyers who choose not to practice in federal courts because they don't have the knowledge or motivation for learning the enormous federal criminal codes and statutes. Criminal lawyers who practice in both state and federal courts have expertise in criminal cases that cannot be underestimated.

Not only is there a huge amount of federal criminal laws, but they are also difficult to interpret and understand by the average person. Federal criminal laws are written in legalese which is common language for criminal lawyers, judges, and legislators. To successfully win a criminal case that's designated as federal, criminal lawyers must know the federal laws and legal proceedings.

Personally, I think the Peruvian Ladyslipper orchids are beautiful! I hope criminal lawyers and federal legislators can together appreciate their aesthetic worldwide appeal, as well as the beauty of all the differences in the world that are good and mean no harm.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Criminal Lawyers in Los Angeles Note a Crime Drop

Criminal lawyers in Los Angeles are noting dramatic drops in crime as reported by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. As a result, criminal lawyers only practicing in Los Angles may be facing harsher competition for criminal cases. However, criminal lawyers practicing beyond Los Angeles, into all of California and nationwide will not be affected by the crime rate drop in Los Angeles.

Criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group are in high demand as not only do they represent defendants in Los Angeles, California, and nationwide but also because of their extraordinary winning results. Criminal lawyers representing defendants beyond Los Angeles also gain a wider breadth of knowledge, experience, and mastery from having handled so many different types of cases and clients. The range of expertise gained by a criminal lawyer cannot be underestimated as they must be armed with creating different winning strategies by working in very extensive full array of criminal cases. LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers have successfully worked on cases not only in all the 50 states but also in federal courts. The fact that criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group have consistent criminal case wins all across the United States speaks volumes on their expertise, ingenuity, and what you can expect.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lawyers Use Drug Treatment in Winning Drug Cases

Criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group get winning results for clients who have drug addiction problems. Drug treatment experts and lawyers both agree drug abusers need substance abuse treatment, not punishment. Government research has shown that the majority of criminal cases involving drug offenders are non-violent and not a threat to society. Lawyers know that putting drug abusers in jail or prison only exacerbates the problem as it does not heal the underlying problems and only increases recidivism.

A recent study by the Center for Court Innovation found that requiring drug treatment instead of jail or prison saves the government $5,144 per offender.

LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers successfully defend both adults and juveniles alike in alcohol and drug cases, including DUI and DWI charges. Most juvenile cases our lawyers work hard on have to do with drug abuse, especially marijuana. Lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group work with together on a team of experts and attorneys who pool their brain power, strategies, knowledge, and resources. The criminal lawyers save drug abusers from getting entangled in the criminal justice system and instead effectively turn their lives around with appropriate drug treatment.

If you are being investigated, have been charged or arrested for drugs, speak to top lawyers now and call 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Criminal Lawyers Get Firearms Case Dropped!

Criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group represented a client charged with an illegal straw purchase of a firearm across state lines. Experienced criminal lawyers know that not only is a straw purchase of a firearm illegal, but attempting to purchase a firearm from another state is a federal crime.

Our criminal lawyers were amazingly able to get the case dropped for the client, though he did have to surrender both AR-15 semi-automatic rifles to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). AR-15 semi-automatic rifles were originally designed and used by the military. The military names them M16 semi-automatic rifles. Some states have made possession of semi-automatic rifles by civilians illegal.

An illegal straw purchase of a firearm occurs when the buyer does not want his or her name associated with the purchase and thus does not purchase it from the licensed dealer directly.

LibertyBell Law Group's managing criminal lawyer, Gina Tennen, working on the case was able to prove the client is a good standing citizen and had no criminal intention. A top team of criminal lawyers and experts worked very hard on this case to get winning results for the client.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Criminal Lawyers Take Heed on the Term 'Accessory'

Criminal lawyers take heed, recently a California Supreme Court ruled that aiding a felon on parole in lieu of his punishment is a crime. A felon released from prison early, before they have served their maximum sentence, is put on parole and thus subject to following conditions and rules. Criminal lawyers know even felons who have served their full sentence can still be sentenced to a period of parole.

The clarification of 'accessory' came in light of the People v. Nuckles case. The prosecuting attorney was able to convince the court that an "accessory" to crime, also applies to helping a convicted criminal on parole "avoid or escape from ...punishment."

LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers sympathize with the defendant, who was the mother of the felon's girlfriend. The felon and his girlfriend had a child together, the defendant's grandchild. LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers were not the attorneys working on this case. The defendant in the People v. Nuckles case was represented by public court-appointed lawyers.