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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Types of Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in criminal law and the criminal justice court system. Prosecutors are lawyers representing the state and federal governments in a case against a defendant accused of a crime. Defendants can be represented by public defenders or private criminal lawyers.

A defendant does not choose their public defender and the one assigned to the case may not experience in that type of criminal law. Public defenders are attorneys provided for free by the government, however the price you pay may be with your life in time in jail or prison and the consequences of a criminal record. While a public defender may be passionate and have the best intentions, many are overloaded by the sheer number of cases, according to research done by the Justice Policy Institute.

Criminal lawyers can be hired by any individual by signing a retainer and paying a fee. Criminal lawyers are available usually for a flat fee. Most criminal lawyers do not charge hourly, which is beneficial to the defendant. Criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group offer financing but require a reasonable fee to be paid upfront to cover the initial costs of experts, technology,  and work needing to be done immediately to lay the groundwork for a good result and get the ball rolling in your favor.

Criminal lawyers who are very successful and get good results work very long hard hours and if they charged hourly most people would not be able to afford them. Top criminal lawyers have grit, are persistent, trustworthy, persuasive, energetic and great thinkers. LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers working with Certified Criminal Law Specialists, experts and have lots of resources are going to raise the odds of getting you successful results very high.

Everyone knows the difference between ground beef and a beef Rib Eye steak and the reason why everyone pays more for steak is because it is in fact better. When you are hiring a criminal lawyer, get the best one you can maximally afford. Just like beef, there are different types of criminal lawyers, but the best criminal lawyers will showcase their case results on their website.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Defense Lawyers

A defense lawyer is also referred to as a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer or defense lawyer is simply an attorney representing a defendant accused of a crime. The terms lawyer and attorney are also used interchangeably; a similar analogy would be auto and car. Defense lawyers do not have to prove a defendant's innocence, they only have to prove there is not enough evidence to  prove beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant is guilty of a crime.

On the other hand, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. It is the work and expertise of the defense lawyer to demonstrate evidence exonerating the defendant. The best defense lawyers at LibertyBell Law Group work regularly with other defense lawyers, criminal law specialists, and experts to combine their knowledge, experience, skill and all other resources.

Defense lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group make it as affordable as possible for you to get the best attorneys and experts defending your life. Read LibertyBell Law Group criminal lawyers' winning case results. If you have been charged, arrested, or are being investigated for a crime, call our lawyers now at 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).

Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Lawyers

Some of the best lawyers in the U.S. had a dream to create a team of the best criminal lawyers, criminal law specialists, and experts who pool their resources to provide you with the best defense for your life. LibertyBell Law Group is the dream that is now a reality.

Everyone deserves access and the right to criminal justice and the best lawyers. You are the best reason our criminal lawyers work hard and aggressively defend you everyday. You are the reason our best lawyers build the best defense. Our best criminal lawyers' goal is to protect your life. LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers understand the stress and the heartache you and your loved ones may have, and we pursue every avenue in protecting you and your family's future. Don't give up your life easily and get the help of the best criminal lawyers.

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