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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Use of Witnesses in Federal Drug Trafficking Conspiracy Cases

Lawyers working for the defense of  Norbeto Alaniz in a huge federal drug trafficking conspiracy case did not win their appeal. The lawyers claimed the federal court abused its discretion by not releasing dates of birth and social security numbers of informants.

The federal case included charges of drug trafficking, money laundering, and conspiracy thereof. The drug trafficking operation involved the Mexican drug cartels, Los Zetas and the Gulf cartel.

The best federal criminal lawyers working regularly on cases involving drug trafficking and conspiracy are more likely to use new evidence and arguments to win an appeal. New evidence is extremely unlikely to surface in a drug trafficking federal case as a result of obtaining a social security number or birth date of an informant. Especially in light of the true names of the informants being revealed to the defense as well as other information such as their criminal histories, background information, prior testimonies, and plea agreements.

Federal lawyers working on the defense have the odds against them, as only 3% of federal cases are won.  Hence the reason why some federal criminal lawyers will argue the evidence and testimony admitted to lessen sentencing and time in prison. Top federal lawyers will attempt to get probation for clients when a mountain of evidence exists including video or audio recordings.

During the Alaniz case trial, one witness informant was asked by counsel if he reported his income to the IRS, which was rejected immediately by the court as it was irrelevant to the drug trafficking conspiracy charges of the defendants.

How Top Federal Lawyers Win Against Drug Trafficking Allegations

Top federal lawyers can prevent or lessen charges filed if hired early enough or greatly reduce sentencing and even get no prison time in lieu of probation. It's important to note that private federal lawyers are much more effective than free public defenders as they have the resources and especially the time to build a strong case and go against the power and resources available to the prosecutor.

Top federal lawyers work on a team with other federal lawyers and experts and have the resources and expertise to comb through a federal drug trafficking case. LibertyBell Law Group's federal criminal lawyers also have expertise in taking apart a witness' testimony and rendering them useless for the benefit of the client.

LibertyBell Law Group lawyers may take on many tactics in questioning evidence or witnesses in federal cases. Mostly because experienced federal lawyers know that the amount of evidence entered and argued against is a key component. However, federal lawyers use the most relevant evidence in making the best arguments to build a strong defense. Federal lawyers also know how to handle witnesses used by the prosecution to hinder their testimony. They also have their own experts and know how to find and present their own witnesses to slice away at the prosecution's arguments.

Federal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group are known for their exceptional abilities and successes in federal cases. LibertyBell Law Group's Gina Tennen, a top federal and criminal lawyer, has been chosen as one of the nation's "Top 100 Trial Lawyers". Recently recognized in the news, Tennen and her team of federal lawyers also recently won a federal case and got her client a "not guilty" verdict.

If you are accused of or being investigated for federal drug trafficking, call the federal attorneys from LibertyBell Law Group now at 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761)!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Criminal Attorneys on Federal Defense for Tax Evasion of Payroll Taxes

Criminal Attorneys, the best ones, custom-make federal defenses for a charge of tax evasion of payroll taxes. If federal criminal attorneys were to use the same defenses for all cases, prosecutors would be able to anticipate what they're next move would be and lodge an effective prosecution strategy. However, there are federal defenses that experienced criminal attorneys can tell you will not work under most conditions so you can be better informed on what is not a good defense tactic.

The Best Defense Is Before Tax Evasion Charges are Filed

If you are being investigated for tax evasion it is imperative and vital that you only say "speak to my  criminal attorneys" and do not utter another word to IRS agents, detectives, and law enforcement. Experienced federal criminal attorneys know that even saying something such as "I don't have to talk to you" or "I'm not saying a word" can be used against you in a federal court.

The best defense against a federal charge is, of course, hiring a criminal attorney before charges get filed. Criminal attorneys can effectively protect your rights and know how to mount a defense, talk to the IRS agents, hinder the investigation, and either prevent charges from being filed or lessen the severity of charges filed.

After, charges have been filed, it is essential your criminal attorney start working on a defense immediately. The earlier a criminal attorney can start working on a federal case of tax evasion the much easier it is to defend you and be one step ahead of the prosecution.

Criminal Attorneys Know These Defenses are Not the Best

When federal criminal attorneys defend a charge for tax evasion of payroll taxes they know that a claim of being deceived by the accountant is not going to work well, as past tax evasion cases have shown. In fact, federal attorneys know a business owner can be liable even if the owner had no knowledge the IRS was not being paid payroll taxes. In past cases, federal prosecutors have been successful in expressing that business owners have the authority and responsibility to ascertain payroll taxes are paid.

Another federal defense criminal attorneys say won't work is one based on a business owner claiming payroll taxes were not paid because he or she was trying to keep the business afloat. However, criminal attorneys know federal prosecutors are much harsher in sentencing if the business owner was using the money owed to the IRS to buy luxury items, expensive cars and lavish homes versus just trying to keep the business alive and pay other bills, if the accused were found guilty.

The IRS is aggressively taking on many more employment tax cases and charging smaller businesses with tax evasion. Because of increased hardball efforts against tax evasion of payroll taxes, if you are being investigated or charged with tax evasion, it is to your benefit to hire a team of criminal attorneys and experts right away. LibertyBell Law Group's team of federal criminal attorneys and experts unite their brain power, expertise, and resources to build you an effective and successful defense.

Know that tax evasion, especially of payroll taxes, is a very serious crime, even more so than income tax evasion. A conviction on tax evasion can land an individual numerous years in prison, and having to pay huge fines, penalties and restitution if not effectively defended in a federal court. If your life, business, and reputation is on the line, call our best criminal attorneys now at 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Info Criminal Lawyers use in Filing an Appeal

Criminal lawyers consider many factors in filling an appeal and post-conviction relief remedies. Different states have different laws regarding the number of days that you can file an appeal or years that you must have a clean record before applying for post-conviction relief.  Some states have anywhere from 7 to 60 days to file an appeal. Usually it's between one to five years before you can apply for post-conviction relief.

When filing for a post-conviction relief remedy, a criminal lawyer can best demonstrate that you are completely rehabilitated and are not likely to commit another crime.  A criminal lawyer may even be able to get the conviction erased with an absolute pardon. A pardon is also called a clemency. Depending on your individual case, a criminal lawyer can also seek  a conditional pardon, which means the crime is excused. Know that the appeal process can take a month or even a year, even by the best criminal lawyers. There are deadlines, court procedures, and legal papers that criminal lawyers have to file, though each state has different rules and requirements.

Criminal lawyers who work in all states also know the unique characteristics of the judges and their individual preferences and what they want to see. Criminal lawyers also know that there are other considerations a judge will consider, such as, is the person contributing to society in some way. Criminal lawyers show a positive contribution to society by a person in many ways, like holding a long-term job, volunteering in a non-profit organization, improving education with classes or enrolling in a college or university and more.

Top Factors for a Successful Appeal or Post-conviction relief

  • New facts showing the defendant cannot be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt
  • New interpretation/perspective of facts that ideally includes newly discovered evidence
  • Completion of confinement or probation
  • All fines are paid
  • No other arrests or convictions (besides traffic violations) have occurred
  • Significant changes to laws regarding your conviction, especially sentencing laws, or new court rulings.
  • If you were not convicted or found guilty, fingerprints , photographs and DNA evidence may be removed from your record. A record of arrest may also be removed if the charge was non-violent or serious. Most arrests not resulting in a conviction can be removed from your record in most states.
Persons with federal convictions can apply for a pardon, which is extremely hard to get. From the time Obama started his presidency only 39 pardons have been given. A federal lawyer can assist you with a federal pardon.

There are many types of appeals or motions a criminal lawyer can use strategically to benefit your case. The way in which a criminal lawyer files an appeal or motion depends much on the individual characteristics of your case, state laws, recent court rulings, the judge and much more. Only  experienced criminal lawyers can best assess your unique case and determine which is the best route to take.

There are also many different post-conviction remedies that can be taken to change or remove all criminal spots from your record. A criminal lawyer specializing in post-conviction remedies and appeals can assess the best route to take, which will depend on many factors. Speak to a top lawyer now, and call 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761) if you need expert help.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Selecting & Preparing a Corporate Witness for Rule 30(b)(6) Deposition

Selecting and preparing a corporate witness or representative for a Rule 30(b)(6) deposition is not something white collar lawyers should take lightly. Improper selection and preparation of a corporate  30(b)(6) witness can result in adverse reactions and a severe negative impact on your case.

Adverse consequences of inappropriate and uneducated 30(b)(6) witnesses:

  • Unfavorable binding admissions that cannot be debarred from contrary positions at trial
  • Privilege Waiver
  • Sanction based on lack of good faith
  • Sanction based on prejudice to opposing side
  • Sanction based on disruption of the proceedings
  • Sanction that includes awarding attorneys' fees and costs
It is important to note that the 30(b)(6) witness is representing the knowledge of the corporation and not of herself. In other words, the corporation is answering indirectly via its Rule 30(b)(6) deposition by its designee. That being said, it is assumed that the designated witness chosen by the corporation is not giving a personal opinion. The 30(b)(6) witness is giving the corporation's position on the topic, which includes the corporation's knowledge of facts, and subjective opinions and beliefs.

The 30(b)(6) witness's binding admissions are limited to the list of topics the requested party provided. However, the topics cannot be quasi legal arguments or a party's contentions. Nor can the corporate 30(b)(6) witness be expected to articulate legal positions that should be done by the corporation's white collar lawyers. According to the Rule, the topics must be of a "reasonable particularity," that is, not general topics, but rather topics should be concerned with the details in a reasonable manner. Courts have ruled that topics in the deposition are not the end of inquiry but rather the start of inquiry. There is no limit in Rule 30 on the number of topics.

Corporations may choose to have different Rule 30(b)(6) witnesses to represent different deposition topics. A corporation may choose to have a single representative witness to answer on all topic areas, which would force the examining party into a single seven hour day to take the 30(b)(6) deposition. The downside of having a single 30(b)(6) witness is that there may be an inability to address the topics or the company's complete story. The examining party can also apply to expand the length of time for deposition. 

Having separate 30(b)(6) witness depositions can considerably expand time allowed as each 30(b)(6) witness can be subject to a separate one-day seven hour deposition on their respective topics.

Lack of Knowledge by a 30(b)(6) Witness

The deposing party can impose sanctions, bar the corporate party from introducing evidence at trial on a particular topic, and compel the company to produce additional corporate witnesses if there is a lack of knowledge by a 30(b)(6) designee. However, in order for deposing counsel to advantage these alternatives at trial they must make certain tactical actions such as filing pretrial and discovery motions.

When there is a lack of knowledge by a corporate witness the corporation is obliged to provide another 30(b)(6) witness. If the corporate witness makes a claim that she lacks knowledge, this can be considered an admission of no corporate knowledge or position on that topic by the examining lawyers. The opposing lawyers may then prevent the corporation from admitting evidence on that particular topic or query area of interest. Only when it can be proven that information was not readily available at the time of deposition can a position on that subject matter be entered at trial. Some courts have even ruled impeachment if the 30(b)(6) witness deposition is different from the trial testimony of the witness.

Careful Selection and Preparation of a 30(b)(6) Corporate Witness

The facts are clear, white collar lawyers need to carefully select and prepare 30(b)(6) witnesses and must allow sufficient time to do so. Know that even the steps taken to prepare a corporate witness is discoverable. White collar lawyers have to be careful not to expose corporate witnesses to privileged documents. White collar lawyers should also not be the main source of information on facts. Witnesses can be prepared by review of relevant corporate documents, interviews with lower level employees, and contact with affiliates or subsidiaries. Corporates witnesses are also not required to have personal knowledge on the topics nor do they have to be employees. A Rule 30(b)(6) witness can be a former or current employee of any rank, or any person or entity outside of the company. The corporate witness is required to have "responsive knowledge."

A Rule 30(b)(6) deposition requires top lawyers experienced in both the criminal and civil aspects of litigation and trials, such as the white collar lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group. At the core of not having a binding and damaging deposition is selecting and preparing the witness. Our best white collar lawyers and experts know how to successfully leverage a 30(b)(6) deposition and witnesses for a favorable end result.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Which Lawyers for Federal Cases Handle Felonies Effectively

Lawyers that work on federal cases mostly handle felonies because that is what most federal cases consist of. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that of federal cases filed a full 96% are felonies. Criminal lawyers are the types of attorneys representing defendants accused and charged with a felony. Criminal lawyers also represent persons being investigated for a federal offense but no felony charges have been filed, which is the most ideal time to hire a lawyer. It is much, much easier for a lawyer to influence and prevent a US attorney from filing a federal case.

Most federal cases are these felonies:

  • Immigration
  • Drug trafficking
  • Fraud
  • Weapon offenses
  • Nonviolent sex offenses
  • Racketeering and extortion
  • Larceny
  • Robbery
  • Counterfeiting
  • Sexual abuse
  • Assault
  • Embezzlement
  • Regulatory violations
  • Tax law violations
Federal cases, especially felony charges, require a great deal of skill and expertise. Lawyers regularly working on crime defenses are the best in federal trials and plea bargaining. Though not all criminal lawyers practice in federal courts. The best criminal lawyers have experience working in different states and federal courts and have defended many types of felony crime allegations. Having experience on a wide array of felony charges, in different courts, and plea bargaining should not be underestimated.

Plea Bargaining Federal Felony Cases

A federal trial and plea bargaining is much like a game of chess apart from the evidence. The greatest players have a great deal of creativity in having to think or re-think a winning strategy, even in the middle of the game in order to increase the odds of winning. Criminal lawyers must also sometimes maneuver their way through a case and sometimes re-think their strategy when the prosecutor (called the United States Attorney in federal cases) unveils new evidence, witnesses, or changes his course.

Federal cases can be complex as US attorneys don't file felony charges in a federal court unless they have very convincing evidence. It's easier for a lawyer to prevent a federal case from being filed because a criminal lawyer knows how to protect someone being investigated for a crime.

Lawyers on the defense for federal cases have a very hard job in either getting the case dismissed or plea bargaining. The Bureau of Justice Assistance reports that 90-95% of federal felony cases end in plea bargaining. This is no surprise as US attorneys usually only file charges when there is so much evidence it's almost impossible for anyone not to see any guilt. The key element criminal lawyers usually build a defense around is how much guilt and intent. This is where criminal lawyers, especially those experienced in federal cases, excel at as it is the grounds for plea bargaining effectively. Plea bargaining can be very effective in reducing charges and even in getting no time having to be served in a federal prison.

To learn more about our criminal lawyers, click here.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Felony DUI in California – Criminal Lawyers on What to Expect

A felony DUI in California is a very serious crime and more common than people think. Criminal lawyers know a felony DUI carries harsh penalties, fines, and can result in the first criminal strike on your record. A strike on your record will make any future brushes with the law harder to defend by any criminal lawyer. A felony DUI may also hinder future employment opportunities and will make you ineligible for student loans and government assistance programs.

A Felony DUI in California has one of the following:

  • Bodily injury and especially death to another as a result of driving under the influence, which does not have to include a car accident, it can be the result of running a red light or speeding.
  • Prior felony dui conviction
  • Prior felony gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated
  • 3 or more DUI or "wet reckless" convictions on your record within the last ten years, whether from California or out of state.
Drunk driving that results in death in California is charged as a felony DUI with either manslaughter, vehicular homicide, or second-degree murder.

What happens after an arrest for DUI?

A felony dui in California begins with an arrest. After being arrested, the ideal time to contact a criminal lawyer is as soon as possible, definitely before the arraignment. Criminal lawyers need to start working on your case immediately to get the best results. The sooner the criminal lawyers begin the better, as it is easier to defend against a felony DUI charge much earlier in a case by persuading the prosecutor to file lesser charges.

The arraignment is the first court hearing, after the prosecutor has filed charges.  However, in order for criminal lawyers to start building a strong case for you, there is a lot of work that must be done, the beginning of a case for a felony DUI can sometimes be the most important. Criminal lawyers must launch their own investigation with the use of experts and they must also question and investigate witnesses among other things.

The preliminary hearing is when the judge decides if there is enough evidence for a trial. A criminal lawyer may be able to convince the judge that there is not enough evidence to convict the defendant for a felony DUI at this hearing. It is like a trial before a trial, as the judge listens to and makes decisions on the DUI case even before there is a trial. It is extremely important to be represented by a criminal lawyer at a preliminary hearing for a felony DUI.

If the judge decides there is enough evidence for a charge of some sort, then the case moves forward with a trial. A criminal lawyer can also win a case of felony DUI in California at this stage as well.

There are many stages to a case at which a criminal lawyer can win, much depends on the unique characteristics of your felony DUI case and what the best strategy is against the prosecution. Top criminal lawyers know when the best time to hit a homerun is, as winning cases is just as much about timing as it is strategy.

Criminal lawyers know how serious a felony DUI conviction is in California. Though these felony dui penalties are not set in stone, here are some general guidelines.

Felony DUI Penalties in California

  • The minimum sentence is 180 days in jail, but you can be sentenced to 4 or more years in prison
  • 4 year suspended license
  • $3,000 fine
  • 18-month alcohol education program
  • If it's your third strike, you will be imprisoned for 25 years to life if convicted
  • Ineligible for student loans and government assistance programs

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Criminal lawyers: Facts about a Felony Conviction May Surprise You!

 Criminal lawyers know how much a felony conviction can ruin your life. LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers receive emails on a weekly basis, sometimes even daily, from people convicted of a felony and wanting to get it expunged because they can't find a job, many even become homeless until being helped by a loved one or family member.

The National Institute of Justice found 60% of ex-felon offenders are unemployed a year after their release. In California, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation states 75% of felons are unemployed.

As a felon you are not eligible for low-income housing or government assistance programs, student loans, and more. The fact is having a felony on your record could leave you homeless, and if you're lucky you may be able to stay in a homeless shelter or eat at a soup kitchen. Not having a job or any kind of government assistance or income can lead someone to commit another crime, and that's the way a revolving door through prison starts for many. You may even end up in prison for the rest of your life, because as you get more felony convictions, prior felonies will increase the sentencing of subsequent felonies.

Hiring a criminal lawyer for a felony is a must

The need for hiring a criminal lawyer for a felony accusation cannot be stressed enough. Criminal law is extremely complex and without a top criminal lawyer you might as well just serve yourself on a plate to the prosecutor. You need an expert criminal lawyer who has the resources and expertise to defend you ferociously.

Criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group have experience in all 50 states and federal courts. They have successfully represented thousands of persons accused of a felony. LibertyBell criminal lawyers know the unique characteristics and personas of the judges, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies. They also work with the top experts and investigators when building your winning defense.

Don't ruin your future with a felony conviction. Get a top criminal attorney. Call 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761) now!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Criminal Lawyers on Defense for Fraud

Defense for Fraud must be pursued aggressively by criminal lawyers, as it is not uncommon for prison sentences to last many years and fines are hefty. Criminal lawyers use many defenses for fraud cases, however, each case is unique and must be evaluated on its unique characteristics. In building a top fraud defense, criminal lawyers ideally work on a team of attorneys, experts, and investigators who analyze every aspect and angle to make a winning strategy.

Criminal lawyers commonly defend against these types of fraud:
  • Wire Fraud
  • Prescription Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Medi-Cal Fraud
  • Mail Fraud
  • Telemarketing Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Internet Fraud
  • Investment Fraud (Ponzi and Pyramid schemes)
  • Letter of Credit Fraud
Fraud is a white collar crime, and thus you need to be represented by expert criminal lawyers, not business attorneys as some may think. Lawyers with expertise in criminal law and have a history of winning criminal fraud cases will know exactly how to go to trial, if necessary, to win. LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers have tons of experience on fraud cases in both state and federal courts. They are familiar with the different judges and law enforcement personnel, how they work, and their individual styles. It's important for a criminal attorney to know what buttons to push for individuals involved, especially in swaying them or weakening their position.

Criminal lawyers use these defenses for fraud the most:
  • No criminal or malicious intention
  • Not enough evidence to prove fraud was committed
  • Entrapment - coerced by law enforcement to commit the crime
  • Misidentification of fraudster
If you have been accused of fraud, you need top criminal lawyers to defend you against the power of the government who is aggressively prosecuting fraud, especially since the recession.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Top Criminal Lawyers Warn Against Using P2P File Sharing Software

Top criminal lawyers know how easy it is for anyone using a peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing software to get snared in a federal criminal investigation, even if you had no criminal intention. A recent File-Sharing Programs report by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) revealed that juveniles and adults alike are at a very high risk of participating in federal crimes by using the p2p file sharing software and associated networks.

Reports have also revealed that while searching for celebrity names and cartoon characters, you may inadvertently download child porn onto your computer from the p2p file sharing network. If you view or download porn from the p2p file sharing network you have a very high risk of unknowingly viewing or downloading child porn, which is a federal crime. Viewing, receiving, possessing, distributing (sharing), trafficking, or making child porn carries extremely serious penalties, such as 30 years to a lifetime in a federal prison, lifetime sex offender registration, and of course the social stigma of being labeled as a child sex offender.

Criminal lawyers advise you to not use p2p file sharing software or networks, and especially do not view or download pornography from these file sharing networks. Doing so may expose you to child porn and before you know it federal agents will be knocking at your door. Even if you delete the files, criminal lawyers know that law enforcement can recover the files, the words you used while searching, preferences, and more activities done on the p2p file sharing software and network.

Amidst the global crackdown on child porn by special agents, Google is also building a new system to crackdown on child porn. It is clear, you must be very careful even when searching for porn on the internet, or you may also inadvertently view child porn and be subject of a federal criminal investigation. Take the advice of our criminal lawyers who fight sex crime cases everyday.

If you are charged with child porn, you will need the best criminal lawyers to defend you against federal agents and a ferocious prosecutor intent on sending you to prison. Child pornography cases require a team of top criminal lawyers who work with experts and investigators for your defense.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Criminal Lawyers on Why You Should Never Talk to Law Enforcement

Criminal lawyers know even the innocent can be accused and convicted of a crime, and have been, by simply making an honest mistake when telling their story to the police or detective. As a matter of fact, 25% of those convicted exonerated with DNA evidence plead guilty or said something incriminating, some even confessed. Even witnesses can err, as 72% of DNA exonerations are from faulty witness testimonies. Criminal lawyers always advise clients to never under any circumstances talk to anyone about the crime he or she is being investigated for. If your story conflicts in any way with the story of the witness, the jury will believe the accused is lying, not the witness.

Any misuse of a word or any different word used to describe the same circumstances can be used against you, such as when you voluntarily give a statement and then later are cross-examined by the prosecuting attorney in a trial. Even criminal lawyers use similar practices to kill the credibility of victims and witnesses that come in opposition to their client's testimony.

Even if you happen to come across a piece of evidence by chance, or because you overheard it somewhere, the police or detectives may wonder how and why you have it. If you are ever questioned or investigated for a crime, you should always plead the Fifth amendment and seek expert help from a criminal attorney who will protect you and your rights. Prosecutors will always want to convict someone, who is the most likely suspect; it's their job and they're good at it. The best criminal lawyers will tell you never to utter even a single word to law enforcement, except for pleading the Fifth and telling them that your attorney will be in touch with them. Top criminal attorneys will also tell you not to talk to anyone at all about what you know and the crime until you have first talked to a lawyer. Criminal lawyers know that even if you witnessed a crime, if you were there you could even be charged as an accomplice even if you didn't do anything, which happens more often in violent crimes, assault, rape and murder convictions.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Best Criminal Lawyers on Closing Arguments

The best criminal lawyers are keenly aware that every step taken and stage in a case is important and can either downgrade or upgrade the end result. The closing argument is no different; it can make or break a case. Expert criminal lawyers know how to deliver, time, and rhythmically give a closing argument to a jury. While closing arguments take great skill and experience, there is an instinctual quality owned by the top criminal lawyers that is undeniable. These criminal lawyers mesmerize the jury and gain their trust. They will even touch the emotional chord of some that will become the leading advocates and passionately persuade other indecisive jury members to rule in the defendant's favor.

The best closing arguments are not made at the end of a case. Expert lawyers will start building the case and closing argument from the very beginning. Top criminal lawyers know that along the way every piece is made to support the closing argument. The closing argument is continually refined to perfection by the criminal lawyers until delivery when they put the icing on the cake to make it delectable and irresistible to the jury.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Criminal Lawyers: Too Many Federal Laws

The best criminal lawyers know the average individual or business man may unknowingly break a federal law without criminal intent. Federal law has coded up to 4,500 crimes, although no one, even the legislators who make the laws, know the exact number. In 2004, federal prosecutors sentenced a 66 year old grandpa to 2 years in prison for not having the appropriate paperwork for flowers, orchids. The grandpa, George Norris, pled guilty after running out of money to pay criminal lawyers to represent him in the federal case.

Federal law is so vast that there are some criminal lawyers who choose not to practice in federal courts because they don't have the knowledge or motivation for learning the enormous federal criminal codes and statutes. Criminal lawyers who practice in both state and federal courts have expertise in criminal cases that cannot be underestimated.

Not only is there a huge amount of federal criminal laws, but they are also difficult to interpret and understand by the average person. Federal criminal laws are written in legalese which is common language for criminal lawyers, judges, and legislators. To successfully win a criminal case that's designated as federal, criminal lawyers must know the federal laws and legal proceedings.

Personally, I think the Peruvian Ladyslipper orchids are beautiful! I hope criminal lawyers and federal legislators can together appreciate their aesthetic worldwide appeal, as well as the beauty of all the differences in the world that are good and mean no harm.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Criminal Lawyers in Los Angeles Note a Crime Drop

Criminal lawyers in Los Angeles are noting dramatic drops in crime as reported by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. As a result, criminal lawyers only practicing in Los Angles may be facing harsher competition for criminal cases. However, criminal lawyers practicing beyond Los Angeles, into all of California and nationwide will not be affected by the crime rate drop in Los Angeles.

Criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group are in high demand as not only do they represent defendants in Los Angeles, California, and nationwide but also because of their extraordinary winning results. Criminal lawyers representing defendants beyond Los Angeles also gain a wider breadth of knowledge, experience, and mastery from having handled so many different types of cases and clients. The range of expertise gained by a criminal lawyer cannot be underestimated as they must be armed with creating different winning strategies by working in very extensive full array of criminal cases. LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers have successfully worked on cases not only in all the 50 states but also in federal courts. The fact that criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group have consistent criminal case wins all across the United States speaks volumes on their expertise, ingenuity, and what you can expect.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lawyers Use Drug Treatment in Winning Drug Cases

Criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group get winning results for clients who have drug addiction problems. Drug treatment experts and lawyers both agree drug abusers need substance abuse treatment, not punishment. Government research has shown that the majority of criminal cases involving drug offenders are non-violent and not a threat to society. Lawyers know that putting drug abusers in jail or prison only exacerbates the problem as it does not heal the underlying problems and only increases recidivism.

A recent study by the Center for Court Innovation found that requiring drug treatment instead of jail or prison saves the government $5,144 per offender.

LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers successfully defend both adults and juveniles alike in alcohol and drug cases, including DUI and DWI charges. Most juvenile cases our lawyers work hard on have to do with drug abuse, especially marijuana. Lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group work with together on a team of experts and attorneys who pool their brain power, strategies, knowledge, and resources. The criminal lawyers save drug abusers from getting entangled in the criminal justice system and instead effectively turn their lives around with appropriate drug treatment.

If you are being investigated, have been charged or arrested for drugs, speak to top lawyers now and call 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Criminal Lawyers Get Firearms Case Dropped!

Criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group represented a client charged with an illegal straw purchase of a firearm across state lines. Experienced criminal lawyers know that not only is a straw purchase of a firearm illegal, but attempting to purchase a firearm from another state is a federal crime.

Our criminal lawyers were amazingly able to get the case dropped for the client, though he did have to surrender both AR-15 semi-automatic rifles to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). AR-15 semi-automatic rifles were originally designed and used by the military. The military names them M16 semi-automatic rifles. Some states have made possession of semi-automatic rifles by civilians illegal.

An illegal straw purchase of a firearm occurs when the buyer does not want his or her name associated with the purchase and thus does not purchase it from the licensed dealer directly.

LibertyBell Law Group's managing criminal lawyer, Gina Tennen, working on the case was able to prove the client is a good standing citizen and had no criminal intention. A top team of criminal lawyers and experts worked very hard on this case to get winning results for the client.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Criminal Lawyers Take Heed on the Term 'Accessory'

Criminal lawyers take heed, recently a California Supreme Court ruled that aiding a felon on parole in lieu of his punishment is a crime. A felon released from prison early, before they have served their maximum sentence, is put on parole and thus subject to following conditions and rules. Criminal lawyers know even felons who have served their full sentence can still be sentenced to a period of parole.

The clarification of 'accessory' came in light of the People v. Nuckles case. The prosecuting attorney was able to convince the court that an "accessory" to crime, also applies to helping a convicted criminal on parole "avoid or escape from ...punishment."

LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers sympathize with the defendant, who was the mother of the felon's girlfriend. The felon and his girlfriend had a child together, the defendant's grandchild. LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers were not the attorneys working on this case. The defendant in the People v. Nuckles case was represented by public court-appointed lawyers.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Types of Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in criminal law and the criminal justice court system. Prosecutors are lawyers representing the state and federal governments in a case against a defendant accused of a crime. Defendants can be represented by public defenders or private criminal lawyers.

A defendant does not choose their public defender and the one assigned to the case may not experience in that type of criminal law. Public defenders are attorneys provided for free by the government, however the price you pay may be with your life in time in jail or prison and the consequences of a criminal record. While a public defender may be passionate and have the best intentions, many are overloaded by the sheer number of cases, according to research done by the Justice Policy Institute.

Criminal lawyers can be hired by any individual by signing a retainer and paying a fee. Criminal lawyers are available usually for a flat fee. Most criminal lawyers do not charge hourly, which is beneficial to the defendant. Criminal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group offer financing but require a reasonable fee to be paid upfront to cover the initial costs of experts, technology,  and work needing to be done immediately to lay the groundwork for a good result and get the ball rolling in your favor.

Criminal lawyers who are very successful and get good results work very long hard hours and if they charged hourly most people would not be able to afford them. Top criminal lawyers have grit, are persistent, trustworthy, persuasive, energetic and great thinkers. LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers working with Certified Criminal Law Specialists, experts and have lots of resources are going to raise the odds of getting you successful results very high.

Everyone knows the difference between ground beef and a beef Rib Eye steak and the reason why everyone pays more for steak is because it is in fact better. When you are hiring a criminal lawyer, get the best one you can maximally afford. Just like beef, there are different types of criminal lawyers, but the best criminal lawyers will showcase their case results on their website.

Call the lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group now at 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Defense Lawyers

A defense lawyer is also referred to as a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer or defense lawyer is simply an attorney representing a defendant accused of a crime. The terms lawyer and attorney are also used interchangeably; a similar analogy would be auto and car. Defense lawyers do not have to prove a defendant's innocence, they only have to prove there is not enough evidence to  prove beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant is guilty of a crime.

On the other hand, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. It is the work and expertise of the defense lawyer to demonstrate evidence exonerating the defendant. The best defense lawyers at LibertyBell Law Group work regularly with other defense lawyers, criminal law specialists, and experts to combine their knowledge, experience, skill and all other resources.

Defense lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group make it as affordable as possible for you to get the best attorneys and experts defending your life. Read LibertyBell Law Group criminal lawyers' winning case results. If you have been charged, arrested, or are being investigated for a crime, call our lawyers now at 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).

Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Lawyers

Some of the best lawyers in the U.S. had a dream to create a team of the best criminal lawyers, criminal law specialists, and experts who pool their resources to provide you with the best defense for your life. LibertyBell Law Group is the dream that is now a reality.

Everyone deserves access and the right to criminal justice and the best lawyers. You are the best reason our criminal lawyers work hard and aggressively defend you everyday. You are the reason our best lawyers build the best defense. Our best criminal lawyers' goal is to protect your life. LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers understand the stress and the heartache you and your loved ones may have, and we pursue every avenue in protecting you and your family's future. Don't give up your life easily and get the help of the best criminal lawyers.

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