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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Criminal Lawyers: Too Many Federal Laws

The best criminal lawyers know the average individual or business man may unknowingly break a federal law without criminal intent. Federal law has coded up to 4,500 crimes, although no one, even the legislators who make the laws, know the exact number. In 2004, federal prosecutors sentenced a 66 year old grandpa to 2 years in prison for not having the appropriate paperwork for flowers, orchids. The grandpa, George Norris, pled guilty after running out of money to pay criminal lawyers to represent him in the federal case.

Federal law is so vast that there are some criminal lawyers who choose not to practice in federal courts because they don't have the knowledge or motivation for learning the enormous federal criminal codes and statutes. Criminal lawyers who practice in both state and federal courts have expertise in criminal cases that cannot be underestimated.

Not only is there a huge amount of federal criminal laws, but they are also difficult to interpret and understand by the average person. Federal criminal laws are written in legalese which is common language for criminal lawyers, judges, and legislators. To successfully win a criminal case that's designated as federal, criminal lawyers must know the federal laws and legal proceedings.

Personally, I think the Peruvian Ladyslipper orchids are beautiful! I hope criminal lawyers and federal legislators can together appreciate their aesthetic worldwide appeal, as well as the beauty of all the differences in the world that are good and mean no harm.

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