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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Early Release from Federal Prison

Early release from federal prison is a hot topic among lawyers, the federal prison bureau system, and lawmakers in Washington D.C, There is a bulging population of non-violent offenders in federal prison who are not likely to pose any danger risk to society. This is one of the main reasons many want criminal justice reform in the form of amendments to the federal sentencing guidelines, among others. Currently, there are many new federal sentencing laws that went into effect in November of 2014 and many more to go into effect in November of 2015.

Many prisoners have yet to gain early release from federal prison because there are long wait lists. Who knows when overburdened federal public defenders, who have always been given way over the recommended number of cases to handle, will get to an inmate's case. If a federal prisoner wants early release, his/her best chances of getting it are to hire a private criminal lawyer. A private criminal lawyer will have the time, resources and dedication to comb over an inmate's case, life history, and conduct in prison. After thoroughly preparing arguments, a LibertyBell Law Group criminal lawyer can file the legal documents, including those containing arguments for early release, and can also stand before the judge to paint the federal inmate in the best possible light.

It's important to note that just because a federal prisoner is eligible for early release that does not mean he will get it. Each case is reviewed by a judge who considers all aspects of the case, criminal history and prison conduct and makes a decision based on the legal documents filed and the arguments made by the attorney. A private criminal attorney will make sure that all legal documents and paperwork that supports the prisoner's early release is filed and will also file additional motions and legal documents to win the judge over to approval.

Applying for early release from federal prison is akin to having a retrial. Private criminal lawyers may present new facts and more in arguing for early release.

If you have a loved one in federal prison and would like to know all your post-conviction relief options and which route is best for the inmate, including which one is most likely to succeed and get him/her the best reduction in time, call our criminal defense attorneys now at 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).

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